Sheba Fabrics: My choice of fabrics

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In past designs/collections I have created my own fabrics and chose existing ones.

My goal is to create or find that unique balance of color and fluidity that will enhance the energy needed to breathe life into the collection.


For Spring summer collections, I most always work with a chiffon stretch, it Being one of my favorite fabrics, It’s luxurious, soft and weightless.  It is in alignment with the very essence of Sheba’s energy. The movement and flow of the fabric is sensual and exotic. Enticing the feminine energy to awaken from within.

The weightlessness and subtle stretch of fabric is the perfect balance for those summer days and nights And the breathable fabrics ensure a stick free day or evening that traditional summer fabrics tend to have.

Whether the wrap dress worn traditionally or as a duster, The transformational tunic in all its splendor or the handkerchief dress. My goal is to keep my clients looking and feeling cool and always Sheba chic. The flow and movement of Sheba’s fabric just enhance the chicness that much more.


The size of my collections are also forefront when in design mode.

The old adage quality not quantity would apply. The idea is to keep the collection small and limited in production to ensure a uniqueness that only a few will have part of their wardrobe.  Many designers will price their designs out of the most budgets to ensure a few select who can afford. The Sheba concept is to keep it in demand but always affordable for all.

In “Essence” having that one piece in your wardrobe that you know will can transform into evening dress, the club dress, resort dress, the garden party dress to name a few is essential. To have that one go to piece that’s diversity will take you wherever the journey may lead and always Sheba chic.  ?

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