How to tie the Sheba Sarong dress

How to Tie your Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic

Seven looks one dress

It’s quite easy these days to find a plethora of how to videos demonstrating how to tie a Sarong on the internet. What Looks fairly easy can become complex and time consuming when trying to achieve certain looks. Not to mention concerns of staying in place throughout the day or evening. The Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic takes the guess work out of the equation ensuring coverage, comfort and easy elegance.

The Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic is actually a dress designed to be worn seven different ways. This unique spin on the traditional Sarong/Tunic is an upgrade in style while maintaining functionality. Without the complexity of all the ways you can wear a Sarong/Tunic.

The Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic made its debut on the runway, Fashion week in West Palm Beach November 2015. Part of The House of Sheba’s De’Vine Mosaic collection set to launch the Spring/Summer 2016 season. The Sheba Sarong/Transformational tunic took the runway by storm and has been gaining momentum ever since. To date The House of Sheba’s Palm Beaches most in demand dress has sold out its last two Collections.

By simply inserting the Sheba Sash into the arm of the dress you can achieve seven completely different looks. Take a look at what the Sheba Sarong/Transformational tunic is all about.


Off the shoulder

long sleeve or short sleeve. By Simply inserting the sash through the sleeve of the Sheba Sarong/Tunic tying into a knot or bow. It shortens the sleeve and adds more drape and flow to the Sheba Sarong/Transformational tunic. The sleeveless side of Sheba Sarong has sewn in tabs the Sash can easily insert through to hide a bra straps Three elegant but different looks.

House of Sheba Sarong 3

Sheba Sarong Strapless

The Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic can be worn strapless. With just a shift of the sleeve side of the Sarong/Tunic front and center. You can achieve a beautiful drape cascading down the front of the Sarong or Shift it to the back if you prefer. Constructed with extra elastic giving you the ability to wear completely strapless while being firmly held in place.

The Halter

Tied with a beautiful bow or knotted around the neck can also be achieved. Simply insert the sash through the sleeve of Sheba Sarong/Transformational tunic shift it front and center, finishing it off with a bow or a knot. Leaving plenty of length for the sash to drape completely down the back of Sheba Sarong/Tunic. Cascading effortlessly with every step. Just Fabulous.

House of Sheba Sarong 2

The Sheba Sash

Let’s talk about this fabulous piece added to the De’vine Essence Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

(Included in the price of the Sheba Sarong/Transformational Tunic).

Not only does it add additional flow and elegance to the Sheba Sarong/Tunic. The extra-long design with tapered ends can be worn as a head wrap or scarf.

This gorgeous sash is exclusive only to The Sheba Sarong/Transformational tunic.


This limited and small collection is unique in design and elegance.

Adding exotic allure to the already flow and drape of the chiffon stretch material the Sheba Sarong/Tunic was Designed with.

An eye catching collection and one of summers must haves for seasons to come.

Available colors: Sahara Sand and Ocean Blue.

Made in the USA ??

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