Image vs Age

How to navigate fashion trends and aging


As we age it is ESSENTIAL to let certain style stay in the past or at least to the younger generation of fashionistas.

Embracing the aging process for some can be a touchy topic especially when it comes to fashion. But with a few tips in mind can actually work to your benefit.

Aging is an opportunity to embrace all the knowledge and lessons we have learned in life. Nothing enhances, style, and grace more than that inner self confidence that is cultivated by the lessons we learn and how we chose to grow from them.

However, a few dos and don’ts fashion tips can ensure we stay on point maintaining style and grace as we age. Here are five tips to keep in mind.

Tip: 1) Although thigh high minis and gladiator scandals maybe a cute look for teens or 20-year-old, not so much for the mature women.  The mini skirt as we age should be right above the knee. When pairing pant and top. The rule is If we’re tight on top then flows the way to go on the bottom. And vice versa.

Tip: 2) Spandex leggings/shorts and stilettos. not a good look for a daytime. Try pairing with a loose fitted top and your favorite flats.  Casual but classy not to mention comfort.

Tip: 3) LOVE OUR ANIMAL PRINTS!! Yes!! But head to toe I say NO!

If you have a jumpsuit you absolutely love. Try on with mid or long length duster or jacket. Breaking up the print will soften the look.

Tip: 4) Crop tops and short shorts, have yet to see a mature women able to pull this look off. No matter how in shape you are this is not a good look. Above the knee pleated shorts paired with a flowing top and pair of wedges. Absolutely.

Tip: 5) Plain print See-through dress or bottom, A big trend right now, Just not a good look as we age. If you must, opt out for sheer materials with busy print. Or better yet a thigh high slit. See the Sheba’s wrap dress, Sheer and slit. Sexy, elegant and big Summer trend for this season.


Take a moment before stepping out, look at your reflection. Be in tuned to how the way your dressed makes you feel (see May’s image vs energy blog) it’s essential and will set the tone for how you’ll feel throughout the day or night.

Remember: Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

Classy and a bit sassy as we age ?

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