The oldest debate in fashion. Seasonal trends vs classic style.

When we think about classics at one point it had to be a trend in order to become a classic. Unfortunately not all trends make it to classic status.

Why are we always looking at a closet full of clothes and never have a thing to wear. 

Ask yourself, do I have a closet full of trends? 

Or do I have a balance of both the classic and trend?

Like the alum who was the student first. … you get my point.

These days top designers are the zen masters of turning classics into trends. You see it every season on the runway. Designers are always bringing a unique spin to classic styles and WE LOVE IT!!! But Before you rush out to buy that trendy must have for the season, let’s do a check in with your wardrobe. 

Make sure you already have the classic pieces essential to any functioning wardrobe. That are not considered trend.

All points covered?? If so… then by all means SHOP AWAY MY DAHLINGS!!!

Do you have the classic/staple must have pieces?  Classics are categorized in different ways. 

Color: Ex. Black, navy or white. Wether Your LBD, your favorite go to pant or jacket, they are essential must haves for every functioning wardrobe. 

khaki anything, Khaki has and always will be a classic color that never goes out of style. The goal in color, stay neutral when purchasing your classics.

Style: Ex. Depending on your body type your looking for a traditional or Regency, black, khaki or white Blazer/jacket (Again neutral). The Kent, fitted or structured is a nice option for classic/traditional style as well. These are names to keep in mind when shopping to help navigate you in the right direction. 

Classic Trousers/pant anything straight cut or small flare, A Must have.

Classic skirt same rule applies, A line or flare right above the knee a great start to building a solid base to your wardrobe. 

Remember the rule when choosing skirt length… See June blog and 

READ MORE: Trends/Image vs Age

Navigating fashion trends for the mature women. 

If it applies to you. 

Teens, twenties something even thirties. Rock it all!!! It’s your time!!!


 Stay away from bell bottom, trims, prints, studs or embroidered pieces when choosing your classics. Fabulous for trends depending on season but these added feature to classics will not stand the test of time.

I recommend a medium weight fabric. Meaning one that will take you through every season. It will ensure optimal use for the classic collection of your wardrobe.

ALWAYS think conservative with your classic/ staple pieces. You can add trending pieces to update your looks as the seasons and trends change.

Scarfs, wraps, costume jewelry are just a few ways to stay trendy.

not to mention easier on your budget.

BUDGET: my advice would be to spend the money on your classic pieces. They are going to stand the test of time style wise but only if they’re quality made.

Will discuss trend vs cost in next months blog:

Check out next months Blog: TRENDS vs COST

How to make the most out of trends. 

As always Happy shopping my Dahlings!

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