Trends Vs Cost

How to avoid the trend trap and not break the bank.

We’ve all been there. The moment that IT garment hits the runway and becomes the must have for the season if we’re lucky maybe two. As trends would have it they usually don’t last but a season or two. Whether it trends out or eventually becomes a classic, See June’s Classic vs trends blog. Knowing whether it’s got staying power is a must before dropping the big bucks. Let’s explore how to navigate this slippery slope.

Here’s What I look for when considering the must have for the in the moment garment.

know your Designers: Do they tend to produce more classics or trendier garments.
Can this garment transition from a trend to a classic or at least have some staying power?
Can it be layered or even altered to withstand seasons to come?

Personal style

If the trend resonates with your personal style, then it’s really not a trend to you personally. Ex: If you are all about vintage and that’s what’s trending on the runway then it’s definitely a piece you want to invest in. It will surely enhance your wardrobe for years to come. If the trend is something that truly is not in alignment with who you are. See May’s Blog: Image Vs energy then take a pass.

Not breaking the bank.

There’s always the option of waiting for the knock offs.
Keep in mind once top designers preview their collection, rest assured it’s only a matter of time before a less expensive knock off will hit the mass market.
But of course, the quality will differ.

Sale Sale Sale

Being patient has it’s budget conscious benefits.
Keep an eye out for your favorite retailer sales and promotions.
Not to mention online sales, promotions, promo codes, and discounts. With a little strategic planning, you’re sure to score that must have garment at a discounted price.
Trends are always a Fun and Fabulous part of the fashion world.

And It’s with anticipation each season we look forward to the colors, the styles and yes the trends that will carry us through the seasons. It’s what we fashionistas love and look forward to. But ask yourself before dropping a lot Of money on a particular piece to add to your collection Do I need it, do I have a similar piece, will it help build or enhance my wardrobe. Meaning you don’t want to invest good money on a piece that will require you to build a small wardrobe around it. It should be able to compliment and enhance existing pieces that are already part of your wardrobe. No point in investing in a piece that is not. So make it fun, make it fanfabulous!! And as always I wish you all!!!

?Happy Shopping my Dahlings

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