Sheba Body* Sheba Fitness* Sheba Lifestyle * Fall Fitness Collection 2017

                             SHEBA BODY* SHEBA FITNESS* SHEBA LIFESTYLE 

                          Fall Fitness Collection 2017


                                                                                                                           THE MIND *THE BODY *THE SPIRIT


                   Labels are what  we use to categorize certain groups of people.

Thankfully labels are slowly dissipating and we are moving into a mind, body, spirit consciousness. Which allows us to blend together fitness, fashion, lifestyle or however you chose  to represent yourself. You may or may not be aware but humanity is ascending as a whole evolving towards a mind, body and spiritual lifestyle.

The Sheba Body Sheba Fitness lifestyle represents embracing these very fundamental concepts,

So what exactly does that mean?    It means…

Getting serious about your life and how you chose to live it. How you choose to nourish your body. How you spend your time, the people you allow into your life. All of which can and will have a profound impact on your life. No more mediocre!!!  The goal is to live your life with passion in every little thing you do, your thoughts and how you choose to inner react with others.

Let’s explore how the mind, body, spirit concept of the Sheba lifestyle works and how it can change your life.

THE MIND: Let’s start with endorphins, a group of hormones the brain and nervous system secretes which effects our physiologically. The amount of endorphins released into the nervous system is directly related to how we live our lives. The people and experience we allow in. It is essential we cultivate loving relationships and positive experiences. Some of us aren’t even aware of the impact certain relationship have on us. Take a moment each time your with friends and family, how does the inner reaction leave you feeling. Recharged, energized or Depleted and drained? If it’s the latter then make a conscious decision to eliminate what no longer serves you or at least try and limit the time you have to be around certain people. You want your inner circle what I call my “vibe tribe” in direct alignment with who and what you want in your life. Next is Negative self talk. NOOOO!!! Stop it dead in its track. replace that thought with something positive a mantra, a person you love, your pet, a fond memory anything positive. This will take a bit of repetition but I swear it works. The minute stinkin thinking try’s to sneak its way in immediately replace it with a positive image, thought or experience. It always always works. Don’t give up one this one. Life changing once you’ve mastered it. Which brings us to the next helpful practice.

IMG_1833MEDITATION/PRAYER is a great way to declutter your brain and there are many different forms available. With a little research you’ll find a meditation/prayer  practice that works for you. I’m a fan of Binaural Beats which can help calm the mind and ease you into a meditation/prayer practice. Just start with 10 minutes a few times a week, I promise you’ll feel a difference. and great site to start you on your way. Yoga is another great option and there are so many different forms of yoga you can network into your lifestyle. Take the time to attend a few different classes to see which one resonate with you. All of this can be a bit time consuming but if you shift your mindset from it being a chore to exploring a new lifestyle then it can be an adventure. Remember each step you take to improve your lifestyle leads you one step closer to living life with passion. Not to mention the different people you will meet along the journey. FANFABULOUS!!

THE BODYGet your Sexy on!!!  Find your passionate work out regime wether its yoga, dance, gym or hiking just to name a few. It doesn’t matter!! Just get moving!! Step outside that comfort zone!! Whatever it is that helps to keep you fit and in alignment with your higher self. I find that Being out in nature and a great gym workout are essential for a well balance alignment. It’s what works for me. I switch it up with kundalini which is a form of yoga utilizing (prana) breath. If you don’t have one, Again start seeking out different ways to get your body physically fit. It may take trail and error to find the regime that works for you but if you stay committed you’ll find what works for you and your schedule. Just try it!!

The next one is huge.. if you truly want to start improving your lifestyle and don’t know where to start. Start with being conscious about what you put in your body.

Your body is the temple that houses the mind and spirit and a firm foundation as you know is a must!!  Everything is energy YES even food. Eating a organic plant based diet  in my opinion is a great start. If you need ideas visit: or these are two of my go to site when I’m looking for great vegetarian recipes. A predominantly Raw food diet in their natural state is essential to beginning to live a passionate lifestyle a Sheba lifestyle. It will change your mood, it will improve your energy, it will change your life!! HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!! By the time your quenched for thirst your already dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is key to maintaining a healthy body not to mention helps with food cravings limiting our need for caloric intake.


Simply put eating right is essential for mind, body and spiritual abundance.

Be conscious of how you chose to nourish your body.

Think about it, Everything is energy YES even food. So Go on get your sexy on by eating Fruits and veggies. Choose organic, Choose plant based foods.

All of it is a great start to self love ❤️

THE SPIRIT: Are we human having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience. Most spiritually awakened beings would say the latter and I would have to agree. Many belief we are here on planet earth to evolve as spiritual beings. To learn and grow from dense energy and negative experiences thrust upon us. Learning to navigate blocks, insecurities, bad relationships and childhood traumas.. coming to terms with who we really are. And finally self acceptance and self love, not worrying about what others think of us, releasing ego and walking into the light of authenticity of who we truly are. When we can achieve this level of enlightenment, it is a sense of freedom few ever really get the chance to experience in their life time. But its the very purpose for which we live our lives. It’s important to understand that spiritual ascension is a journey not a destination. We are always evolving and  growing into enlightenment. Once you are awakened there’s no turning back. You will continue to experience set backs and tribulations. But once the lessons are learned and your able to ascend there’s absolutely no better feeling. The sense of freedom, of liberation is difficult to put into words because each and every beings path is different and unique. We come in different shapes, diIMG_1824fference sizes. Our differences are what make us unique, authentic. Love is our religion. We are the change we want to see in the world. 

                                     “Sooo my Dahlings!!!!  Dance in your light, your love, your Authenticity

Wherever your journey may lead you. No matter how hard the lessons are. I wish for you to evolve with grace and with wisdom. May you stand proud in your authenticity. May your journey lead you to the light and love to so deserve.    

 May you find your warriorgoddess the De’vine purpose that resides within.

 We are De’vine Warrior goddesses

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