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Life and Other Distractions  We spend most our lives chasing after what we think we want. After years of chasing and finally achieving only to realize it wasn’t what we wanted or was it the fulfillment we desired. Whether career or relationship. Holding onto a life out of fear that no longer serves you is extremely detrimental to both parties.You must let go if you are unable to love them the way they deserve to be loved. It blocks you both from moving into your authentic lives. meaning if your truly not loving the person the way they should be loved, your not in your authentic truth or in alignment with the person you are meant to be with. They deserve better and so do you. Being in love and present in a relationship needs to exist in order for you both to thrive in union. Letting go of a relationship that no longer serves either partner is essential to growth on many levels. The same applies for the career or Job you are in. If you have come to the point of zero growth perhaps it’s time to switch jobs or career and seek an entirely new path. Allow time to adjust to the new you in preparation for the next chapter of your life.

The Transition  The transition is often hard and difficult to navigate. Most often it involves people who have been an intricate part of Your life for many years. This is a crucial stage and should be handled with the utmost integrity and kindness. often times the people closest to us are unaware of the unhappiness that resides with in. We continue the day to day grind numb and in silence. We struggle to find the words to communicate our restlessness, our unhappiness. Out of frustration to initiate the process, the change, we can be abrupt leaving hurt and pain in its path.

IMG_2889.JPGCommunication is crucial at this point. If need be seek counseling, sometimes this could bring you back into union and alignment or you chose separate paths. Either way it’s done with awareness, kindness and integrity. Some will resist. it’s important you understand that your not responsible for another’s happiness. Your Happiness and contentment in life must come first in order to radiate that energy outwardly. Many of us stay in a unhealthy relationship out of guilt and put others happiness before our own. It’s not how we’re suppose to live our lives. Do not carry that burden, the guilt. It may not seem like it while in transition but all will fall perfectly into place with time.

The Void  When nothing is working in your life a relationship or job. Your feeling blocked or stagnated you have come to a Potentially life changing point. You can deny it, put it off for only so long. When change is inevitable it will happen. Your only option is to stay put in a unhappy relationship, dead end job or whatever circumstance that no longer serves you.. The choice is yours. No change, No growth, No happiness. The status quo: Your life, Your call. Struggling to step into who and what you really are can be an intense process. The goal is to ease into this transitional time gently with self. make room to allow it to happen not to force it. Anytime you operate out of fear it’s an immediate block. Allow this transitional phase to happen with grace, awareness and gratitude for yourself. If your grounded in who you are. You will be guided. It takes courage to let go of what no longer serves you. Stay open to allow the next chapter of your life to happen stay in a state of flow. IMG_1527.JPGBeing at peace in the void, is being able to be alone, sit alone even if the thoughts your having are negative, weighted and overwhelming, especially If they are. Just sit with your thoughts allow your body and mind to ponder them. Allow them validation and then release. The result will be acknowledging the hurt and pain that caused them in the first place which in return will allow you to release them more freely. It’s essential to allow time in the void to happen. It helps to clear out the old thoughts and emotions allowing the old ways to die off for a new improved better you to emerge.

This time frame is different for everyone. A couple of months to a couple of years. You’ll know when its time to take action. Take it slow its not a race. Remember the goal is to bring into reality a better version of self, a better life. Be careful of who you allow in. this is a vulnerable time and settling is not an option.

FullSizeRender.jpgKarmic Confusion  Karma isn’t judgement, it’s the result of what you have been in alignment with. Life is a constant ebb and flow of experiences, it cannot always be a joyous one. Being in that state of mind would stunt growth spiritually. We are here to grow and evolve spiritually. Simply put it’s exactly why we are here. How we chose to react when certain situation arise good or bad are great navigational tools to help us understand the process. Simple rules apply, but do we always do the right thing?

Karmic Alignment  Even when no one is looking always do the right thing. You’ll know because your inner guidance will lead the way. You’ll know you did the right thing by the way you Feel at peace, buoyant, happy. Even though there was no pay off for you in the end. You simply helped another person or situation when you had the chance with no expectation. Unconditional love and kindness they come in a variety of ways. Always help someone if you have the means. Always have a kind word to say. Always be supportive when needed. Your life is in direct alignment with what you manifested. In realty everything and everyone is in your life because you mirrored them in. They are a Mirror image of a part of your personality or the whole. Take a good look at the people you have allowed into your life. how’s it working for you? What needs to change. Even if your generosity is taken advantage of it’s still good karma coins for you. Find peace in the fact that you have helped from the kindness of your heart and move on. Let them deal with the karmic fall out. In short if you have been in the flow of love and positivity that’s what karma will deliver back. The same applies to the narcissistic and or manipulator it comes back around to full circle, Your call, Your choice, Your life. How you choose to live your life and its current reality is a great example. Check in!! Wants going on? loving your life? The people in it? Is it abundant, joyful for the most part? Great!! your in alignment. Or chaotic and dark? Then change it. The process start with self. Remember you mirror in exactly what you put out. Change the way you are and your surroundings will change. Giving you back exactly what you have been putting out and giving .FullSizeRender.jpg 3 3The experiences in life can be a slippery slope. It’s not a destination it’s a journey. Evolution and change are always inevitable. Often times the end result is not what we intended. But if you are in a constant flow and in alignment with authenticity you will be exactly where your meant to be.

You are here to be the star in your life. Step into that role. Nobody else can be you or do you except you.




FALL 2017


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