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The Mind Connection to Body and Spirit

Sheba: The Mind

The human mind and its complexity is quite fascinating, the brain organ on average weights about 3 lbs. and is made of about a billion nerve cells called neurons. we have on average 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, that averages 35 to 45 thoughts per minute. Neurotransmitter are brain chemicals that communicate information through out our brain and body. Out of those thoughts 80 % are of a negative mind set. So it goes without saying our mind and what we allow in are essential to a healthy mind body spirit connection. They are directly related to our over all well being and life longevity.



The Mind Body Connections: The Early Years

Hippocrates and his followers crafted knowledge with science and philosophy to produce the first explanation of mental phenomena and its effect on the human body.
Throughout history, many theologians have added their area of expertise from Plato, Socrates, Darwin, Jung to name a few.
By the mid-nineteenth century with cellular pathology, anatomy and connection with emotions in relation to a disease we have made tremendous progress with emotional disorders and the nervous systems direct effect on the mind body connection.


Trauma & The Emotional Factor

In the mid 90’s the CDC discovered that high levels of exposure to stress especially child hood trauma such as a parent with mental illness or drug addiction, emotional, physical and or sexual abuse Caused 7 out of 10 deaths in the USA. The higher the exposure the higher the risk that could potentially stunt brain development.  Adversities such as ADD, ADHD, Hormonal imbalance, adrenal stress, immune system deficiency, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at an early age has the ability to completely rewire our DNA. Those of us expose to high doses of trauma and or stress PTSD especially in childhood potentially triple our risk of heart

IMG_4600disease and lung cancer. It threatens life expectancy by 20 years. It can drastically effect our self esteem stunt our emotional and mental growth and completely rewire how we measure up, view ourself with our peers and society as a whole. Others my deal with a loss of a loved one, a traumatic divorce, veterans returning home from war. The traumatic effects that leave emotional scares can follow us through out our life altering the quality of our experiences if not addressed.

Psychosomatic There is much research on the psychosomatic connection and how disease is a direct link to mind and body connection. How our thoughts and emotional trauma if not treated manifest physically effecting our health. Although still not clear of the connection. The good news is the medical field and science are making great strides in the field of Psychosomatic.

We now know the brain can alter the activity of white blood cells triggering a variety Physical manifestation such as depression, immune system disorder or something as simple as the common cold all of which can make a person more vulnerable to illness.

The mind body connection has been around for thousand of years. Only recently have researcher and science starting implementing Traumatic psychosis screening as part of a routine physical check up. Researcher now have a better understanding how early exposure to adversity effects a developing mind and body in adolescence and its direct correlation to high risk behavior and addiction later in life. With proper screening and helpful hints Listed below, We have the ability to over come adversities to help begin the healing process
IMG_45981.   Creating safety and stability: stabilizing a safe environment is the first step.
2.   Letting go of rejection: releasing what others think of you is the single most valuable gift you can give to yourself.
3.   Self affirmation: the existence and value of ones individual self. You are what you think. Make your thoughts of self kind and loving.
4.   Therapy treatment: research for a therapist that specializes for your specific needs.
5.   Medication : always an option. I would opt for homeopathy, organic alternatives before choosing pharmaceuticals and only then    temporarily. Alternative medication:          supplements ,Adrenal gland support spirulina, wheatgrass, fish oil, B complex, vitamin C & D, probiotic, magnesium all excellent source to start the mind body healing          process.
6.   Getting healthy: exercise, eating healthy raw super foods are essential to the healing process wether emotional or physical. Remember  you are what you think and you          are what you eat, plain and simple.
7.   Avoid self medicating drugs and alcohol: The goal here is to heal not repeat the cycle.
8.   Good support group: find your vibe tribe. Local support groups or online. Yoga meditation are great options as well.
9.   Energy work such Reiki healing.
10. Massage therapy

IMG_4594The Healing Process 

The healing process is not an easy one but the conditions are treatable and curable. There are a plethora of ways to begin the healing process. Like many facet of life the journey is unique and different for each. We have the ability to rewire our own mind set. The courage to over come our adversities. Free our selves from emotional and mental bondage, what others think no matter what social inequality we came from. Going within to start the process of healing starts with awareness and love of self. Prevention in repetitive behavior and breaking the cycle of generational abuse must be in the forefront to eliminate the emotional cycle of abuse. Treating the symptoms with strategies such as home visit, educating parents about mental health, nutrition and holistic intervention. Psychosomatic adversity is one of the greatest unaddressed health threat facing our nation. When we understand the magnitude of disease in direct correlation to mental health its our responsibility to address the issues accordingly. We must eliminate the stigma of emotional adversity and treat the psychosomatic connection just as we would a broken bone or infection. In doing so we lift the veil of darkness to allow the healing process to begin.




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