The Origin of The Elemental

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    The origin of the Elemental

 Elementals are a type of magical entity who personifies a force of nature and controls natural powers derived from their element.

The elements of earth, water, air, and fire, were classified as the fundamental building blocks of nature. This system prevailed in the classical world and were highly influenced in medieval and philosophical times. For telling the fundamental and popular preexisting names of elemental creatures, ideally with roots in earlier alchemical, scientific, and folklore tradition.


Sylph is the mythological spirit of air, Invisible beings of the air. Creating life and sustaining prana that nourishes all living things. On subtle levels, the Sylphs transmit currents of energy. Such as the philosophical essence of Sheba representing the De’vine feminine energy. “She sleeps in the rocks, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal, awakens in spirit”. Capturing the very essence of who she is with unspoken word.  As is with air you can’t touch it or feel it, You just know it’s there.

Undines elemental of water. Usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. The group contains many species, including nereides,  naiades and mermaids. Like her counterpart Sheba, she lies in wait of undiscovered knowledge. “An ocean of truth lay before me undiscovered”. Offering to those in need spiritual healing. Appreciation of unconditional love of self and spirit.


Deva’s In mythology are regarded as nature spirits, earth elements or deities. They are composed of etheric matter. Their job is to build and maintain the plant kingdom while working in conjunction with the other elementals. They are said to have been here since the beginning of time. They Have created the landscape of reality, which we regard as the forces of nature. “Her movement, her walk, her smile, her spirit.. you are her”.  A moment in time, The Dance, The Magic, The De’vine.





The fire elementals are known as Salamander

Their job is crucial, for they serve at the atomic level infusing the molecules of matter with the spiritual fires of creation. The spirit of fire that resides within.


It represents Sheba’s quest to stand strong beside your beliefs, conviction and integrity while being Sheba chic.


Whether in reality or fantasy we are utterly dependent on the selfless service of the spirits of nature. The miracles of the Deva, Sylph, Undines, and Salamander that continue to service and mystify us through all of eternity.


                    “It’s said some lives are linked through time and space that echoes through the ages”

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