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Aging doesn’t mean we throw in the towel and don ourselves in oversized sweatshirts and mom jeans. 

Oh but Wait, hold that thought… The “MOM” jeans are and have been trending the past few season and I suspect they’re here for seasons to come. Well what you know, The’re back. Fading away are the low waisted trend that’s managed the staying power for an entire decade and some.

Can’t say I’m sad to see them go. GOOD BUY MUFFIN TOP, Hello high waisted jean. Helping to hold your tummy in while slimming the waist line is no doubt a must have staple for the S/S 2020 season, and what’s not to love about that!! It’s great to know that fashion is embracing an oldie but goodie trend that we loved in the nineties. While the younger generation was rocking the grunge style we were comfy in our “MOM” jeans.

It’s also refreshing to have the younger generation appreciate and embracing what we used to think more of a comfort then a stylish trend. I don’t know about you, but those days I was into mommy mode and not focused so much on Fashion but more into comfort. After all those cupcakes for school parties weren’t going to bake themselves. 

If having the “Mom” Jeans back in style weren’t enough the boyfriend jacket has hit the S/S 2020 runways and made a come as well this season. Absolutely one of my all time favorite looks. But more on the boyfriend jacket in another blog. So it looks like this up and coming season is a fifty and fabulous fashionista’s Play ground. So go on and rock the “Mom” Jean.  I for one am loving this trend

No doubt I’ll be pulling some of my vintage boyfriend jackets out and pairing them with my “Mom” Jean. Might even do a YouTube video on it, Ya never know. You’ll want to read my Trends vs Classic styles Blog. I believe they categorize as a classic. I would love your thoughts on the “MOM” Jean. Comments below, Trend or Classic?

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