The title no doubts goes to accessories, accessories and more accessories.        The seasons mantra Bigger, Bold, Bright and Beautiful.  


The S/S 2020 Season is an accessories and fashion enthusiast playground. With oversized styles and bold colors we haven’t seen in quite sometimes. Accessories such as the resin chain earring or belts that doubled as resin chain handbag straps are multi purpose must haves for the season. From textured scarfs to single oversized earrings. The runaways left nothing to the imagination

Designers couldn’t help themselves when it came to accessorizing their latest collections of the season. Givenchy, Balrain collections to name a few were lavishing large oversized layered accessories adding both depth and texture. Versace who’s collection paid tribute to the infamous jungle dress this season was oversized with a minimalist flare but still popped vivid colors of the season with a vengeance.

So Let’s talk accessories. Through the years accessories have been no different than the apparel industry.  The trends come and they go. In recent collection and seasons we went from barley their accessories with bare ear and minimal necklaces to subtle bangles and bracelets. To The Bold & The Beautiful collections of the current Season of styles, fashions and accessories. What a difference a season makes. Think Coco Chanel meets Betsy Johnson.

This season has got to be the biggest and boldest of accessories to hit the runaway in a very long time. Layers upon layers, short too long  just about anything goes as far as accessories.

  • Different textured scarfs
  • Oversized Knot or Bow tied silk scarfs.
  • Oversized chain Necklaces.
  • Soft Clutches.
  • Wide Waist Belts.
  • Narrow waist belt
  • Padded Headbands.
  • Oversized Hoop Earring

After all accessorizing is very personable and unique to the individual. So It’s less of a wonder when browsing your favorite boutique or shop, That a certain accessory catches your eye. Whether it’s a beautiful set of earrings a soft subtle scarf or perhaps a boho vibe set of beads. instantly you’re reminded of a close friend or acquaintance. It’s what makes us different, what makes us unique. Our own personal style is presented to society in a plethora of ways, style, dress, hair, fragrance etc.. But accessorizing is no doubt the defining attribute to our own unique style. So it’s no mystery as to why accessories are the pieces we tend to hold on to the longest. whether a family heirloom or treasured accessory from a special someone or just pieces we adore and can’t let go of.

  The Most fashion savvy will anxiously be pulling out those vintage pieces from days gone by collections and pairing them with their contemporary counterpart. . Which lets face it, is a fashionista greatest joy showcasing vintage treasures from their personal collection. If large and oversized accessories aren’t your thing then color and textured are the way to go. Scarfs and billowing wraps were no doubt “Not” excluded from the  S/S 2020 collections.  So whether The  Bold & The Beautiful or Bright and Billowing, Shop your favorite online stores or favorite local boutique. You’re sure to score the quintessential must Have accessories for the S/S 2020 season. Embracing The Bold & The Beautiful for the up and coming season should prove to be brimming with tantalizing energy of vivid color and oversized anything.

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