Spring is in the air!! The season is blooming with fresh fashion trends and one of the most popular The Maxi Skirt. Whether casual or super chic this seasons Maxi skirt has got you covered.

The variety of selection and styles are endless. From jersey to floral print to my personal favorite chiffon. Which I have already added  to my 2020 spring summer wardrobe. The Maxi skirt is a must have for the upcoming season.

The looks trend from the casual t-shirt, sandals and jacket whether bomber or jean, just about any style jacket will work with The Maxi. You can even achieve a formal look appropriate for summer weddings or special occasions.

So how is it that this classic look which dates back to one of the earliest garments of the feminine’s wardrobe is still a staple in most women’s closets today? As history of the Maxi skirt goes most cultures required women to completely cover their bodies from head to toe as religious or culture beliefs dictated. In some cultures they still mandate to the modern era of today’s societies or not to be considered a Jezebel. Of course the maxi skirt or dress throughout history served its purpose well. From biblical time to Elizabethan era straight into the women’s revolution of the sixties and seventies. Where free love and women’s liberation had us burning bras and shorting skirt lengths, to the dismay of our elder counterparts. But the Maxi was not to be replace by the incoming trend of the mini. The Maxi rooted itself in the boho vibe and ushered in the peace loving era of the hippy. 

To date the maxi still is trending strong into the new decade of 2020. The evolution of the Maxi has created diversity like no other garment. The long length should not be confused as rigid in Style, the Maxi can be fierce. We can take her to the office accentuated with a business jacket and cami. Then slide right into happy hour by eliminating the jacket to get a little sexy on. A strategically placed slits can send The Maxi right into hyper sexiness. A believer in leaving something to the imagination Maxi can certainly obtain the look of allure and sexy quite confidently.

So no matter if your tastes is Garden party florals, Jean skirts, “ FYI huge this season”. Jersey stretch or pencil style, prints to plain or chiffon. You’re certainly going to find the style and color maxi you’re looking for no matter if you’re young or old, conservative or have a dare to wear style. The Maxi is Like a reliable friend you can count on who’s always there and here to stay. 

Nothing gives me more joy then spending my time attending or viewing fashion shows on line. With that said a majority of design can be a bit pricy and out of budget for some. As a designer I’ve always kept my collections in the budget friendly realm so they’re affordable to all. So in keeping budget friendly fashions in mind for this blog I chose all skirts available on Amazon that are affordable to all.

I would also like to add that quality designer clothing at affordable prices can be found at retailers like Nordstrom rack, Saks off fifth and Marshals to name a few. if your fortunate enough to live near one of these retailers, nows the time to snag that seasons must have. If not visiting the website is always a great alternative. After all who doesn’t love the option of shopping from the comfort of home.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Spring /Summer 2020 Season.

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