13 Jul Trends Vs Cost

How to avoid the trend trap and not break the bank. We've all been there. The moment that IT garment hits the runway and becomes the must have for the season if we're lucky maybe two. As trends would have it they usually don't last but...

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The oldest debate in fashion. Seasonal trends vs classic style. When we think about classics at one point it had to be a trend in order to become a classic. Unfortunately not all trends make it to classic status. Why are we always looking at a closet...

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15 Jun Image vs Age

How to navigate fashion trends and aging   As we age it is ESSENTIAL to let certain style stay in the past or at least to the younger generation of fashionistas. Embracing the aging process for some can be a touchy topic especially when it comes to fashion....

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17 Nov House of Sheba

House of Sheba an Inspiration to many! Opening night at West Palm Beach Fashion Week with some models! Having a little bit of Fun! ‪#‎wpfwHOS‬ ‪#‎wpfashionweekfunhos‬ ‪#‎houseofshebapalmbeaches‬ @houseofshebapalmbeaches...

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