The story of Sheba

The woman behind the brand


Born February 4th 1963 Kimberly’s early memories of Baltimore’s inner city…row homes, the Watts riots, hippy era contributed to her strong belief in social justice causes. Kimberly adjusted and often would need to assert herself.  After relocating to the suburbs, Kimberly settled into a middle class lifestyle.


A late bloomer physically, with a tomboy edge, her femininity and elegance needed to be acquired…hair, makeup, wardrobe and so on. It was then Kimberly entered the world of fashion. Recalling that first day at work, surrounded by beautiful fashions styles, colors, she knew the fashion industry would be part of her future, and with all of her experiences, lead to the founding of The House of Sheba. Before the dream became reality, Kimberly raised a daughter and a son from a 25 year marriage. Moving to the northern suburbs of Baltimore, Kimberly would embrace motherhood… PTA, athletics, travel soccer, softball, baseball, and playing and organizing tennis leagues and book clubs. On occasion, Kimberly would yearn for a creative outlet leading to her own cosmetic line and an interior design company. But true to herself, she always found her way back to the fashion industry, organizing fashion shows for local non- profit fundraisers.


At the age of 50 with an empty nest  Kimberly began contemplating a new life, migrating from harsh winters to the warm and sunny Palm Beaches. Where she would eventually relocate permanently. With her creativity and love for fashion. She realized her true passion… fashion design. And so The House of Sheba came to be, embracing the notion of being true to one’s self, to enhance with fashion the very essence of who you are through fashion designs with elegance and grace.

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